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Electrical safety, II group (НЕ использовать, актуальный ID 844)

Описание курса

Section 1. Key requirements for the organization of safe operation of electric installations

1. Electric current and its impact on the human body

2. Key terms and definitions

3. Delimitation of protective zones of electric network facilities. Specific terms of use of land lots situated within protective zones

Section 2. Training of electrical staff

1. Types of briefings and electrical safety training procedure

2. Assessment of staff’s knowledge of operating and maintenance rules (OMR)

3. Organization of works of detached staff

Section 3. Electrical safety in live electrical installations below 1000 V

1. Key terms

2. Technical measures ensuring safety of de-energized works

3. Protective safety precautions

4. Earthing application and removal procedure

Section 4. Classification of premises (work conditions) by electrical shock hazard degree

1. Industrial premises environment

2. Classification of premises by electrical shock hazard rate

Section 5. Implementation of specific works

1. Operating rules when works are in progress using portable and mobile electrical installations

2. Organizational measures ensuring safety of specific works

3. Safety requirements for specific works

4. Admittance of personnel of construction & mounting organizations to works in active electrical installations and within the protected zone of electricity transmission lines

Section 6. Electrical safety devices, intended use, operating principle

1. Intended purpose, operating principle, general rules of use of protective devices used in electrical installations

2. Basic and auxiliary electrical safety devices

3. Enhanced electric fields protective equipment

4. Personal protective equipment, purpose and operating rules

Section 7. Electric shock relief measures

1. First aid to persons exposed to electric shock

2. Procedure for investigation of accidents in electric installations

Final testing

The test consists of 20 questions and you have 20 minutes to give your answers. Each question has only one correct answer. In order to pass the test successfully and finish the training course you should give 16 correct answers at least